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With fire accidents having the potential to cause devastating damage to infrastructure, resources, and human health and lives, it is crucial to hire the services of the top fire safety engineers in Singapore and ensure the continued safety of infrastructure and users alike. Quality fire safety engineering in Singapore can spell the difference when it comes to fire safety and protection of your built environment, and is essentially one of the best long-term investments that building owners can make.


SHEVS IFT’s team comprises some of Singapore’s best fire safety engineers, combining their expertise and knowledge with our licensed professional engineering services to provide comprehensive and practical design solutions.


With a proven track record across diverse industries, we are highly capable in providing effective fire engineering services for various establishments in Singapore, cementing our reputation as one of Singapore’s best fire safety engineers. Here is a breakdown of the services that we offer.

Performance-based Approach + Fire Safety Designs

Performance-based approach to create fire safety designs provides a robust framework that integrates the application of fire safety engineering standards and science to secure residents, buildings and structures from fire and smoke, going beyond just compliance with prescriptive building code requirements.


As performance-based approach integrates fire safety engineering principles, proper and thorough calculations, as well as appropriate software modelling tools to ensure the fulfilment of strategic goals of the performance objectives with additional versatility for enhanced fire protection as desired by our clients.

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Engineered Smoke Control System + SHEVS

SHEVS (Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation System) is a key component of our fire safety engineering solutions. It ensures that smoke, heat, and combustion fumes within a structure are extracted and transported to a safer location, such as outside, immediately when a fire begins.


SHEVS plays a key role in reducing the negative effects of a fire accident. It helps to facilitate the safe evacuation and relocation of civilians, smoothen the process of firefighting and rescuing casualties, as well as restoring the building and materials following a fire accident.


Smoke Control saves Lives. SHEVS saves Lives.

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Fire Engineering Assessment + Waiver Application

With the changing of prevailing building codes and standards in response to new technologies and market trends, existing structures may be deemed outdated or have non-compliant fire safety measures.


SHEVS IFT’s Fire Safety Engineering Assessment and Waiver Framework allows us to efficiently address deviations and deliver solutions. We conduct a fire and smoke assessment involving CFD modelling and Evacuation modelling, quickly and effectively identifying areas to improve and helping you create compliant designs.

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Fire Safety Audit + Fire Risk Assessment

Regardless if your project is a brand new construction, or if you are seeking additions and alterations to a completed structure, all buildings must comply with prevailing fire codes and fire safety regulations. As part of the fire safety audit & fire risk assessment, SHEVS IFT’s experienced fire engineers can assist building owners, architects, and designers in interpreting and applying building codes to meet these criteria.


Through early involvement in the fire safety audit & fire risk assessment process, we develop effective and reliable fire safety engineering solutions, saving time and cost when it comes to implementation and construction.

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Thermal Comfort + CFD Modelling

Thermal comfort refers to users’ satisfaction with their thermal environment, and is a key consideration of engineers when designing HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. Poor designs can lead to higher ambient temperatures, causing both human discomfort and a greater reliance on air-conditioning, causing higher consumption of electricity and fuels.


SHEVS IFT utilises CFD modelling to simulate heat transfer, allowing us to create effective HVAC solutions to reduce operational costs and promote users’ comfort.

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Mass Engineered Timber (MET) + PB Approach

As part of SHEVS IFT’s fire safety engineering solutions for Mass Engineered Timber (MET), the principles of timber charring for fire performance are optimised to achieve the same level of fire resistance as other building materials. MET is environmentally sustainable, is lightweight yet durable, and allows for modular construction that can be completed offsite to facilitate greater on-site productivity. It is also fire-resistant, leading it to gain rapid acceptance worldwide as a sustainable and protective construction material.

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Evacuation Modeling + RSET

Different buildings have varying occupant loads and exit capacities, and a successful evacuation during a fire situation is essential in saving lives. A building must be designed in a manner to maximise the amount of time for occupants to manoeuvre freely and rapidly without congestion during the most onerous fire scenario. As part of our fire safety engineering solutions, SHEVS IFT utilises evacuation modelling to optimise the flow of occupants, test and validate evacuation plans, as well as enhance existing exit provisions to facilitate a safe evacuation process.


SIMULEX and PATHFINDER evacuation modelling tools are used to test and validate building configurations in terms of the occupant movement time to compute the Required Safe Escape Time (RSET).

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Tunnel Ventilation + Fire & Life Safety

A tunnel fire can be a catastrophic event to commuters, due to the confined spaces increasing the risk of suffocation and causing higher temperatures, as well as a longer response time for emergency services.


SHEVS IFT conducts comprehensive fire safety engineering and life safety analysis for tunnel ventilation, utilising fire and smoke modelling to design effective ventilation systems. These systems manage and control the ambient temperature while venting away smoke, fumes, and heat, helping to protect commuters’ lives.

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Seeking the help and expertise of the top fire safety engineers in Singapore? SHEVS IFT is dedicated to providing the best and most effective fire safety engineering solutions for your properties, helping business owners enjoy peace of mind and protect both their infrastructure and users.


We have a proven track record for over 25 years, delivering quality fire safety and smoke control solutions for built environments. Our clientele come from multiple sectors, such as education, healthcare, industrial, mixed-use, office, recreational, and transport. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in your fire safety engineering requirements.


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