Buildings with more than half of its floor space used for dwelling purposes.

OUE Downtown

Located in the Central Business District of Singapore, OUE Downtown is a mixed- use development consisting of a shopping mall across the podiums. Tower One (50-storeys) provides residential accommodation, while Tower Two (36-storeys) serves as an office tower.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) assessments were conducted to assess the airflow and carbon dioxide concentration levels in a typical residential for compliance with the indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements.

8 St Thomas

8 St Thomas is a residential serviced apartment located at St Thomas Walk, Singapore.


Fire safety engineering assessment for waiver application was conducted using evacuation simulation to demonstrate that tenable conditions were maintained in the corridors for the safe evacuation of the occupants.

Paterson Collection

Paterson Collection located at Paterson Road, Singapore is a 19-storey residential serviced apartment. The development was previously a residential condominium which was later converted to a serviced residence.


CFD modelling and evacuation simulation were conducted to address the shortfall of corridor width for means of escape.

Punggol Point Woods

Punggol Point Woods located at Punggol, Singapore is a built-to-order (BTO) flat subsidized by the Housing Development Board (HDB) of Singapore. The development consists of 6 blocks of residential flats with a total of 940 units.


Fire safety engineering assessments were conducted to validate and demonstrate that the naturally ventilated residential lobbies were effective to remove smoke during a fire to maintain tenable conditions in the lobbies.

183 LongHaus

183 LongHaus is a 4-storey freehold mixed-use development located at Upper Thomson Road, Singapore. The development consists of 10 commercial units and 40 residential apartments with communal facilities.


Waiver application with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling and evacuation simulation were carried out to demonstrate that a smoke free corridor was maintained for the safe evacuation of occupants during a fire scenario.


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