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LOGOS’ E-hub Warehouse

LOGOS’ E-hub Warehouse will be located at Pandan Crescent, Singapore. The development consists of a single block, 7-storey ramp-up warehouse. LOGOS’ E-hub is designed and to cater the needs of warehousing for tenants in the e-commerce business.


Optimised fire safety measures were approved using the performance-based approach to address extended fire compartmentation, extended smoke reservoir size and length and extended travel distances.

JTC Foodhub

JTC Foodhub at Senoko, Singapore, is a single block 7-storey ramp-up multi-user warehouse and factory units built for businesses in the F&B industry.


Performance-based engineered smoke control system was provided to omit fire compartmentation between driveways and factory units.

DHL Airfreight Warehouse

DHL Airfreight Warehouse in Singapore is an airfreight warehouse of DHL Express, equipped with a Materials Handling System (MHS) to sort the parcels in automation. The facility has a complex network of parcel sorting equipment which imposed multiple challenges in the implementation of fire safety provisions.


A holistic performance-based design was adopted to assess ASET/RSET to address deviations for exit staircases and travel distances.

Google’s Data Centre

Google’s first data centre in Southeast Asia, is located at Jurong, Singapore. The data centre is a multi-storey data centre facility for Google’s online services. One of Google’s main requirement for their data centers is to ensure minimal or zero downtime to their online servers. False alarms occurring in any of the server rooms will cause the cooling fans serving the online servers to shutdown and may lead them to overheat and malfunction.


Fire safety engineering assessment was carried out to eliminate any false alarm for the shutdown of the ACMV systems.

EXXONMOBIL’s Warehouse

EXXONMOBIL’s warehouse at Jurong Island, Singapore, is a 2-storey warehouse which forms part of its Singapore chemical plant. The warehouse has a total gross floor area (GFA) of approximately 30,000m2. Having such a single volume large space will require extensive fire safety provisions, imposed by the local fire code.


Design & Build fire engineering solution involving natural ventilation system was carried out for both day-to-day ventilation and emergency smoke control purpose.


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