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Fire Safety Engineering Consultancy is Our Profession, Not just something we do.

SHEVS IFT Consultants Pte Ltd is established as a leading fire engineering consultancy firm with proven track records in the different built environments; Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Mixed-use, Office, Recreational, Residential & Transport.


We constantly recruit the best fire engineers in the field of fire safety engineering to enhance our expertise and capabilities to serve you better.


Our fire engineers are equipped with the most advanced and best fire engineering tools to deliver accurate and feasible performance-based fire safety designs in accordance with the requirements of Singapore, ASEAN countries and other international fire codes like “Australian Fire Engineering Guidelines 2021”.


Our quality management systems have been accredited to the requirements of ISO 9001 and the relevant standards to ensure consistent, reliable and high-quality service to our clients.


Our team of highly experienced Architects, Professional Engineers, Fire Safety Engineers and Fire Consultants can provide comprehensive one-stop solutions from the initial concept designs, the construction stages, testing and commissioning to beyond final handover for your projects.


At SHEVS IFT, you are working with a team of experienced fire engineers and fire experts who are fully committed to deliver the best fire safety engineering solutions to meet your needs in terms of life safety criteria & cost-effectiveness.

Our Values

We guarantee a responsive, professional and high-quality service for our clients.

Well-balanced fire safety solution needs Innovation, Functionality, Sustainability and Performance.


Innovative fire safety engineering designs for existing or new development to ensure continuity and code compliance.


Understanding stakeholders’ aspirations in terms of purpose, architectural appeal, construction costs and completion time.


Adaptable and sustainable fire safety designs to cope with future upgrading work and prevailing fire codes during the life span of the building.


Robust fire safety designs for state-of-the-art creation and complex architectural building design intents.


Performance based fire engineering solutions for unique and complex building architectural design intents.

At SHEVS IFT, we always strive to analyse, test, and develop the best fire safety engineering techniques to protect a diverse range of built environments, ranging from office workplaces, schools, religious institutions, commercial establishments, factories, and many other types of buildings. Our paramount fire safety engineering expertise and knowledge, combined with our licensed professional fire engineering services, enable us to provide comprehensive and practical fire engineering solutions, starting from initial concept designs, to the stages of construction, testing and commissioning, and beyond final handover.


We are continually dedicated towards devising effective fire safety engineering solutions, making built environments in Singapore as safe from fire incidents as possible. While fire accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, with proper planning and implementation of sound fire safety engineering principles, preventing unwanted fire accidents becomes a highly achievable outcome.


“There is no smoke without fire. Prevention is better than Cure.”


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Performance-based Approach + Fire Safety Designs

Performance-based approach offers an alternative approach that involves the use of fire engineering principles and science to protect occupants, properties and buildings from the effects of fire and smoke instead of simply ensuring that it complies with a prescriptive design document.


Fire engineering principles, calculations and/or appropriate software modelling tools can be applied to satisfy the performance objectives of the fire code with added flexibility so that an acceptable level of safety is achieved.

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Engineered Smoke Control System + SHEVS

SHEVS (Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation System) ensures that smoke, heat and combustion gases can get out of the building from the moment the fire starts and is a means to limit the consequences of potential fires.


SHEVS thus contributes to:

  • The safe evacuation of people.
  • The fire fighting and rescue operations.
  • The preservation of a building and its contents.

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Fire Engineering Assessment + Waiver Application

Fire Engineering Assessment + Waiver Application is an alternative quicker waiver submission platform to address certain deviations that require fire and smoke assessment involving CFD modelling and Evacuation Modelling.


With the prevailing building codes and standards changing to address new technologies and market trends, existing buildings may be outdated or deemed to be non-compliant during the stage of upgrading.

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Fire Safety Audit + Fire Risk Assessment

Regardless the project is a New Construction, Additions & Alterations, the building designs must comply to the prevailing fire codes with strict legislation governing fire safety. Our fire engineers will assist building owners, architects & designers to interpret and apply the building codes to meet the fire safety criteria.


Our early involvement in the design process to develop effective and efficient solutions to meet design intents can save time and cost during the implementation and construction phases.

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Thermal Comfort + CFD Modelling

Thermal comfort for the human body is a psychological effect expressed as satisfaction with the thermal environment. Engineers have faced challenging tasks in designing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) to achieve this level of thermal comfort for building occupants.


In general, cities are warmer than the rural areas. This “Urban Heat Island” effect (UHI) phenomenon occurs because cities have limited vegetation to provide adequate shade and cooling. Big cities also consume large amounts of energy in electricity and fuel dissipating heat into the surroundings.


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Mass Engineered Timber (MET) + PB Approach

Mass Engineered Timber (MET) is a form Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) technology. DfMA allows construction processes to be completed offsite (in factory) for faster assembly and installation on site.


Primarily manufactured from sustainable softwood species in Europe, MET offers notable benefits in construction productivity, sustainable and more. This has allowed MET to be adopted in various countries, including Singapore.

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Evacuation Modelling + RSET

For any occupant evacuation to be successful, the time available for safe evacuation before untenable conditions occur must be greater than the minimum time required for safe escape.


In other words, ASET / RSET > SAFETY FACTOR


ASET : Available Safe Escape Time

(Time from ignition to start of untenable conditions)


RSET : Required Safe Escape Time

(Time upon the ignition till complete evacuation of the occupants)

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Tunnel Ventilation + Fire & Life Safety

Tunnels can be a complex interconnected network whereby a fire in the tunnels will pose highly hazardous conditions to passengers. Tunnel ventilation analysis requires a holistic approach to manage and control ambient air for normal operation and smoke control during a fire situation.


Ventilation in road tunnels is required for :

  • Dilution of air pollutants inside tunnel,
  • Environmental issues outside tunnel and
  • Emergency Ventilation Smoke control in case of fire.

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Integration of the prescriptive and performance-based objectives for sustainable fire safety designs.

As a pioneer in the field of fire safety engineering, we have more than 25 years of experience in performance-based fire safety designs, fire safety audits, fire risk assessment and smoke control designs for legions of projects ranging from Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Mixed-use, Office, Recreational, Residential and Transport.


It is very important to understand the stakeholders’ aspirations in terms of purpose, architectural appeal, construction to formulate the best fire safety engineering solutions. We are also registered as ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineers to offer professional fire safety engineering services for Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam.


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