Innovative Fire Safety Engineering Solutions to meet Life Safety Criteria & Cost-effectiveness.

We have more than 25 years of experience in fire safety engineering and smoke control designs for legions of projects ranging from Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Mixed-use, Office, Recreational, Residential and Transport.


No two buildings are alike. Understanding of the stakeholders’ aspirations in terms of purpose, architectural appeal, construction costs and time are critical to derive the most practical and functional building design. We have the proven track records to develop alternative performance-based designs with expedited construction, minimal costs and fit for its purpose.


Registered as ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer, we also provide professional fire safety engineering services for Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam.


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When you work with SHEVS IFT, you’re working with a team of fire experts committed to deliver well-balanced fire safety engineering solutions to meet your needs in terms of life safety criteria & cost-effectiveness.


Our team adopts Innovative Fire Technology using advanced simulation techniques and state-of-the-art fire engineering strategies. We have proven track records in different built environments across the ASEAN countries to meet your expectations.


Our team focuses on Innovation, Functionality, Sustainability and Performance in delivering customized fire engineering solutions to suit the stakeholders’ expectations and needs.


We recruit the best talents in the field of fire safety engineering to enhance our team’s expertise and experience to serve your needs.

Performance-based Approach
+ Fire Safety Designs
Engineered Smoke Control System
Fire Engineering Assessment
+ Waiver Application
Fire Safety Audit
+ Fire Risk Assessment
Thermal Comfort
+ CFD Modelling
Mass Engineered Timber (MET)
+ PB Approach
Evacuation Modelling
Tunnel Ventilation
+ Fire & Life Safety

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