SHEVS IFT Received The Fire Safety Design Awards 2022

May 24, 2023



Singapore’s leading fire engineering consultancy firm, SHEVS IFT, was recognised at the Fire Safety Design Awards 2022 for their outstanding fire safety designs at Eunoia Junior College – Building Project (Institution).



The Fire Safety Asia Conference (FiSAC) 2022 Awards Presentation Gala Dinner, held in person at the Shangri-La Hotel on 16 November 2022, recognises individuals and organisations for their efforts in overcoming various challenges to achieve high standards in the fire safety design of Singapore’s built environment through the development of ingenious design processes and solutions.


Er. Lin Hoong Tat and Er. Roger Lim Eng Cheng of SHEVS IFT were awarded certificates and the Fire Safety Design Award, which aims to instil a strong culture of fire safety among building professionals, and reward professionals, developers, and project teams for their fire safety engineering achievements. 



SHEVS IFT’s Fire Safety Design Solution for Eunoia Junior College



To meet the fire safety requirements for the natural smoke control system and the means of escape in terms of travel distances and exit capacities, innovative and sustainable performance-based fire safety designs were adopted. 


The performance-based issues were addressed during the conceptual design stage, which was critical for the successful implementation of the fire safety designs, rather than as a remedial solution to resolve deadlocks in the approval process. 


The development is designed with natural openings for day-to-day ventilation, which also serve as part of the performance-based natural smoke control system during a fire emergency. Such passive performance-based designs have offered great flexibility and cost-effectiveness for the building construction and design development. 


In lieu of having additional exit staircases, an effective performance-based approach with less than 50% exit capacities is provided to address the increased occupant load and extended travel distances. 


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling and Occupant Evacuation Simulation were used to validate the life safety acceptance criteria. 



CFD modelling to validate the effectiveness of the Natural Smoke Control System




Occupant Evacuation Simulation to calculate the movement time for the Elevated Field


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